A restart for RESTART

Jonathan Holden
Case Study

RESTART, part of the Brooke Taylor Educational Consultancy, asked us for a logo and re-brand as they drive towards a more professional image.

We started by looking at the branding of Brooke Taylor, and then asked questions about the needs of the young people served by RESTART. We were looking for a shape or a symbol that would reflect these needs. They are troubled, often without schooling, lacking in social skills. Without some change in mindset, at mainstream school they feel boxed in. So no squares. On the other hand they need some boundaries. They can't be left bouncing around. So no circles.

Maybe a star would reflect the incredible achievements these young people had in turning their lives around and achieving their goal of going to college, getting back into mainstream school, or getting a job. A random squiggle, however, might signify lack of direction and purpose.

We plumped for a triangle. A strong, reliable symbol that reflects the partnership of the young person, their parents and the RESTART staff. To add some dynamism, we made 3 triangles. We rounded the corners for a more friendly feeling.

Blue is often considered a safe colour for business, and Brooke Taylor Educational Consultancy already used a blue. We complemented that with a purple and green in the logo, and added an orange highlight for a website and print.

Alongside the logo we created business cards, and a case study pdf.

If you are interested in a re-brand, or are starting a new company or charity in the field of SEN (Special educational needs and disabilities) get in touch.