Building the best Local Offer

Jonathan Holden
Case Study
Inclusive design
Local offer
The Local Offer should be the place for families and professionals to come for useful information they need to make Education, Health and Social Care decisions for today and for next year.

We use the acronym ACCTUp to guide our thinking around the Local Offer.



Jargon free, easy to understand, easy to read and access for ALL users, online and offline


Parents and carers, children and young people, as well as SEND, Health, and Social Care professionals and external service providers must all be involved in creating the content


Covers all relevant services within Education, Health, and Social Care from 0-25 years


How decisions are made, who is accountable and responsible must be made clear, as well as the process for complaints and appeals.

UP to date

What’s new in practice, legislation, services? When was the content last updated?

What we do

pop pop studio works with Local Authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups to make sure the Local Offer is working for your families and professionals.

We advocate for more input from parents and carers, and young people.

We want every Local Offer to improve the lives of every young person with special educational needs or disabilities.

We've found that many Local Offers are

  • poorly designed for users
  • wordy and complicated
  • not compliant with accessibility law
  • not widely used

The Local Offer should be used by...


  • to get information and support
  • to access provision of services
  • to make better decisions for their child
  • to connect with other parents and services

Young people

  • to gain high aspirations for an extraordinary life
  • to take part in activities in the local area
  • to find out what support is available
  • to help siblings with a full family life


  • to check up-to-date advice and regulations
  • to signpost parents and young people to services and support