From old and creaky WordPress to a sparkling fast Webflow

Jonathan Holden
Case Study
White label build

How pop pop studio worked with Bravand to rebuild their agency website. 

At pop pop studio, we recently completed a white label build of the Bravand website. The client was looking to migrate from their current WordPress platform to Webflow, and they trusted our team to handle the entire process.

As an agency in our own right, pop pop studio has a particular design aesthetic and our own standards of delivery. We’re very keen on making sure that our websites follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, so that everyone, including disabled people can use our sites. But with white label work, we can work on a project for a client and still maintain a professional relationship with them, even if they have a different aesthetic or branding style to ours.

In this particular case, we chose Webflow as the platform for the Bravand website because it offers a number of benefits over WordPress. Webflow is a more user-friendly platform, making it easier for non-technical users to manage and update their website. Also, Webflow offers a high level of design flexibility, allowing for more custom and unique designs. 

Why rebuild?

Bravand faced two problems. First, the WordPress CMS was so old and creaky that they couldn’t publish new posts or case studies. This meant that their content was a couple of years out of date, and they couldn’t showcase new work. Second, they had used a WordPress template, but over the years it had been modified, to the point where there was no design system any more. 

Emma Wood, Bravand’s main freelance designer (aka Chief Crayon), did a quick redesign of the site, keeping the look, but creating a more unified  feel for the site. Over time, the plan is to bring this up to WCAG standards, but they took a pragmatic approach in the first instance. 

We then rebuilt the site in Webflow which is known for its user-friendly content management system. This made it easier for Bravand to update and manage their website on their own. This is particularly useful for clients who don't have in-house web development resources and need a platform that is easy to use.

Screen shot of Bravand website showing some of their freelancers

Bravand has an interesting model as a web design and development agency, as they work with a huge network of freelancers, with only project managers being employed by the company. 

pop pop white label builds

At pop pop, we have a team of experienced developers who know their way around Webflow. So we can offer white label builds for other agencies looking to migrate their clients to the platform. We can handle the entire process, from migration to design and development, allowing agencies to focus on their own projects and clients. 

Overall, white label builds are a great solution for agencies looking to take on additional projects without worrying about their own branding. Webflow offers a number of benefits over WordPress, and pop pop studio can help other agencies with their white label builds on the platform.