Accessibility Errors in Google Lighthouse

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<frame> or <iframe> elements do not have a title

Give your iframes a <title>

One of the most frustrating things about Google Lighthouse is when it flags an error on one of its own products.

YouTube videos embedded in Webflow will always fail because they do not have a <title>. 

Vimeo supplies a title, so you  get your Lighthouse points, but it's <title="Vimeo embed>, which isn't very helpful.

You can avoid this Lighthouse error by using the generic Webflow embed element. Copy the Embed code from Youtube and put it in the embed element in Webflow. Then and add a title="your_video_title" .

In YouTube

Click Share

Click Embed

Copy the code

In Webflow

Add Embed element

Paste the Embed Video code from YouTube

Go to the beginning of the code

Insert: title="YouTube_video_title"

Google Lighthouse says

Users of screen readers and other assistive technologies rely on titles to describe the contents of frames. Navigating through frames and inline frames can quickly become difficult and confusing for assistive technology users if the frames do not have a title attribute.