Accessibility Errors in Google Lighthouse

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[id] attributes on active, focusable elements are not unique

Webflow Guidance

This test checks that the ID (Webflow > Element Settings (D) > ID) is not duplicate on

  • links and CTAs
  • video and audio controls
  • buttons (need ARIA in Webflow to be buttons)
  • other inputs (for example submit)
  • select lists in forms
  • image maps
  • <iframe> embeds
  • summary/details (not available in Webflow)
  • content editable (not available in Webflow)
  • elements with a tabindex set to a numeric value other than -1 (custom code only)

Webflow has added this check to the Audit Panel

Google Lighthouse says

Web Dev

Each ID in your HTML document must be unique. Using the same ID on more than one element may cause screen readers and other assistive technologies to only announce the first element with the shared ID, preventing users from accessing the later elements.