Accessibility Errors in Google Lighthouse

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List items (<li>) are not contained within <ul> or <ol> parent elements

List in Webflow consist of 2 parts

  • list
  • list item

Lists can be ordered (1,2,3...) <ol> or unordered (with bullets) <ul>. They can be shown with, or without the numbers or bullets.

If you are writing code by hand, it is possible to put things into your list code that should not be there. With Webflow that is impossible.

Google Lighthouse says

Screen readers and other assistive technologies require list items <li> to be contained within parent <ul> or <ol> to be announced properly.

When assistive technologies come to a list, they notify users how many items are within the list. If you don't wrap list items in a parent list element, assistive technologies can't set user expectations correctly.